School Kit & New World Little Gardens!

This term we were lucky enough to register our class for a kit via #schoolkit . That means that this term we can get growing !!! Today we each planted our wee plant and can’t wait to see what happens! We are hoping to put these in the school garden once they are big enough…

Charlie & the chocolate factory unit is finished !!!

Today we finished our last chapter of Charlie & the chocolate factory ! It was a great book ! Our last activities were to make / create Oompa Loompas , write about what would happen with Charlies factory and create a wrapper for a super vitamin chocolate. This has been a great unit thanks to…

Charlie & the chocolate factory

This term we have been working through a Reading Responders unit of activities whilst reading Charlie & the Chocolate factory . Last week one of the challenges was to make a machine that produced a type of gum. Students worked in their table groups , each with a different material from around the class room…

Warm & cool / line art part 2!

How awesome did our art work turn out!! We have the warm & cool on one side and the line art on the other. This will also be the base for our calendar art that we are nearly finished !!

At home learning ideas !

Hi everyone ! Due to school being shut today here are a few ideas of what you can do at home. Jump online and spend some time on Mathseeds. This can be map, mental minutes or driving tests. Head over to Epic and listen to some stories there then complete some quizzes. There are tasks…

Charlie & the chocolate factory

This week we have started reading the chapter book “Charlie & the Chocolate Factory “. We are taking part in the Reading Responders challenge. Each week we read allocated chapters of the book and are then given a series of tasks to choose from that we must complete . This week we read chapters 1-5….

Warm & Cool colours

Today we started learning about what are warm and cool colours . We did a quick sorting activity and then moved into a colouring activity . This also tied in with the poem “My Sky” .

Well done to Ashton A & Ashton W

Congratulations to Ashton A & Ashton W who received the Whaia Kia U certificates this week for their hard work with our Matariki artwork .