New Zealand ShakeOut 2018!


Today was New Zealand ShakeOut  2018. At 9.30 we joined people from all over New Zealand to do a one minute drill to practise what we should do in an earth quake.

We learned about the  “DROP COVER and HOLD” drill, and we identified where the safest places were to go in our classroom. We talked about what to do inside and outside of our classroom if we felt an earthquake, and decided that we really need to stay calm so we can think about what to do clearly in an emergency.

We made some posters to clearly communicate to others what to do because the information in our classroom was very wordy and not very useful to children.

Mrs Finucane showed us the GeoNet website ( and we found out there are earthquakes are happening all the time in New Zealand but we don’t feel most of them. We found out that there are different levels of earthquakes depending on the magnitude. We also found out that New Zealand sits on the Pacific Rim so we have plates that move a lot, causing earthquakes.

It is important to know what to do in an earthquake so we are glad we participated in the ShakeOut along with the rest of the school today.


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